The Best Way To Fix PivotTable Issues

If you’re having trouble with a PivotTable, this guide might help.

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    How to troubleshoot and fix Excel PivotTable errors such as “Just like a PivotTable field name is never valid”. Find PivotTable problems, not to mention fix them to avoid error messages.

    Note. To change how error values ​​are displayed in a rotated table layout, see Rotate Table Error Values.


    Typically, when you try to create a PivotTable, everything goes smoothly. However, sometimes you may see a solid PivotTable error, for example, in the PivotTable name field is valid and not “or” PivotTable report cannot overlay another dynamic PivotTable report”.

    In this video, two people show pivot tables how to troubleshoot and a macro that can help with troubleshooting. Troubleshooting steps are written, usually below the video.

    To register, you can also download the macro and workbook from the PivotTable Macro List URL.

    Invalid Field Name

    Sometimes when trying to create or update a rotation table in Microsoft Excel, a PivotTable error message appears:

    “The PivotTable field name is invalid. To create a PivotTable report, you need to use data organized as a list of labeled columns. If you change the PivotTable field label, you need to give our own field a new name.”

    PivotTable Raw Data

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  • If we frequently check the source data for this pivot table, everything looks fine. There are 7 columns of data in total and no empty columns or rows. At the top of each stream is the point name for the PivotTable.

    Correct The Original Data

    pivot table troubleshoot

    The “Field is a name and never valid” error when rotating a table is usually due to the fact that probably more heading remnants in the source data are actually empty. To create a dice table with apivot, you will need a target value for each column.

    pivot table troubleshoot

    Advice. You need to create an Excel spreadsheet from thistheir data, column headers are added automatically in addition to columns with an empty header structure, and you can avoid this kind of error.

  • In the Create PivotTable dialog box, select the Table/Range check box to ensure that non-empty columns are selected next to the resource table.
  • Find hidden articles in source data section
  • Display and publish the header value if there is no header for each column.
  • If there are merged cells in the title bar, ungroup them and put the title in a separate cell.
  • Select each header cell and view its contents in most formula bars; The text next to the heading may overlap the adjacent cell. In the example below, the intended product name overrides the handy empty heading next to it.
  • If there are no empty floating cells and you are using Excel 2003 or earlier, note the very long titles. Unique versions have less than 255 characters.
  • Highlight Overlapping Problems data Tables

    Another daily PivotTable error message warns of overlapping PivotTable issues.

  • “A PivotTable report cannot overlap another PivotTable report”.
  • You will see that Excel uses these error principles when the pivot tables are the same master sheets, and there is certainly enough free space to create just one of the pivot tables for the new data.

    Find The Most Problematic Pivot Tables

    Sometimes it’s easy to find and fix a problem area, anchor point, or root cause information. But in a fantastic workbook with many pivot tables and different data sources, it can be difficult to identify the problem.

    To get a list of most of the PivotTables in your workbook with details of their center position, use the List All PivotTables – Details macro to display our own details of all PivotTables. A sample file is also available in the download section below

    This macro perspective lists all the pivot tabsfaces in a track with information about the location, appearance and source data.

    Although the source can be a list or worksheet table, if it is the same Excel workbook, the macro will display all the information and fact details from that source.

    Repeated Elements In A Pivot Table

    When your family creates a pivot table, they sort the items from the data, and your team calculates the total for each group. However, sometimes you may see duplicate items in the switch table.

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    Rozwiazywanie Problemow Z Tabela Przestawna
    Problemen Met Draaitabel Oplossen
    Felsokning Av Pivottabellen
    Ustranenie Nepoladok So Svodnoj Tablicej
    Risoluzione Dei Problemi Della Tabella Pivot
    피벗 테이블 문제 해결
    Depannage Du Tableau Croise Dynamique
    Solucao De Problemas De Tabela Dinamica
    Fehlerbehebung Bei Pivot Tabellen
    Solucion De Problemas De La Tabla Dinamica

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