How To Resolve The Error Message: Main Class Not Found

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    If you’re getting the “Unable to find main class” error, today’s guide is here to help. Why does the “JVM could not find or load some of the core classes” error occur? As the name suggests, the “Main class could not be identified or loaded” error usually occurs because the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) cannot find the main category in your code and throws this runtime error.

    Command Syntax java

    First, you need to understand how to run the program with java (or javaw).

     java [  ]  [...]

    where is a nice command line option (starting with that single “-” character), is definitely the fully qualified Java class name, and is any compound command argument passed to your current application.

    1. There are other types of syntax that are described alongside part of this answer.

    The full company name (FQN) of a class is written in much the same way as in Java source code; For instance. B


    How do you fix could not find or load main class in java?

    Find the compiled type com.Load current class.Check if the class has a main method with signature, return type and result modifiers specified in public static , avoid main(String[]) .Call this method, passing the command line factors (“fred”, “joe”, “bert”) as String[].

    However, some electronic versions of java are sold so that you can use electronic slashes instead of dots in America; For instance. B


    which (oddly enough) looks like almost any file path but isn’t. . .Note that the .term is .completely .efficient .standard .Java .terminology .and .not .something I just confused for you 🙂

    Here is an example of what the Java for sale should look like:

    error message could not find the main class

     espresso -Xmx100m com.acme.example.ListUsers fred chad bert

    The above will execute a command like java:

    1. Find the compiled version of our class com.acme.example.ListUsers.
    2. Load course.
    3. Check if the class has a main method as a whole using signature, return type and modifiers because Static public void main(String[]). (Note that the method argument name is also part of the signature.)
    4. Call the method and carefully pass control to the stream arguments (“fred”, “bert”), “joe” as String[].

    Reasons Why Java Cannot Find A Generic Class

    How do I fix resolve could not find or load main class error?

    There are many ways to manifest the error: Could and never could find or load the mainHelloWorld class, but if you know the basics of the Java classpath, you can easily solve this dilemma. In most cases, you either need to fix the CLASSPATH environment variable or run your approach with the java -cp or -classpath option.

    If you get the message “Could not load or find the main type…”, it means that the main step is not youfull. The java command failed to get the class. Indeed, each of our “…” in the message will find the class of fully qualified names that the experts say java is looking for.

    Reason #1. Your Family Made A Mistake In The Class Name Argument

    The first possible reason is that you may have specified the wrong kind of class name. (Or… often the correct class name, but in the wrong form.) Given the example above, here are the different ways to pronounce the class name:

  • Example 1. A very simple class name:


    If lessons are declared in a package such as com.acme.example, you must include the full class name, including the program name, in the java tag; For instance. B

    java com.acme.example.ListUser
  • Example – #2 filename or path instead of category name:

  • Example 3: Elegant name with incorrect case:

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  • java com.acme.example.#4 listuser
  • Example: typo

    java com.acme.example.mistuser
  • Example #5 for file name source (except Java 11 and above; see below)

    error message could not find the main class

  • Example 6. You completely forgot the full class name

    Many Java with arguments
  • Reason #2: Application Classpath Is Usually Wrong

    How do I fix ClassNotFoundException?

    Find out which JAR file contains the problematic Java class.Make sure this JAR file is present on the application’s classpath.If that JAR file already exists on that particular classpath, make sure the classpath cannot be overwritten (for example by a startup script).

    The second possible reason is that the class name is correct, but the java command cannot find the class. To see this, you need to understand the actual concept of “classpath”. This is well explained in the Oracle documentation:

  • Documentation for the java
  • command

  • Defining the classpath.
  • Tutorial on .Java .- .PATH .and .CLASSPATH .
  • So… if you’ve got the specific class name right, here’s an advantage you can use to check that the specified classpath is correct:

    1. Read the six documents above. (Yes… PLEASE READ! It is invaluable for a Java programmer to understand at least the basics of how the Java classpath mechanism works.)
    2. Look at the command line and environment variable Ou/CLASSPATH which affects the launch of the java sold. In this directory, check that the leader and jar file names are correct. There
    3. If we have, please referpaths in each of our classpaths, make sure they resolve correctly… from the current directory, whenever you move the java< /code> tag, it takes effect.
    4. Check if the course (mentioned in the error message) is on the applied classpath.
    5. Note that the classpath syntax for Windows is different from that for Linux and Mac OS. (The classpath separator is usually ; on Windows and : on others. If you try to use the wrong separator for your platform, your company will not receive an explicit error message. Instead, you you get a significant non-existent file or directory along the path that is silently ignored.)

    Reason #2a - Wrong Classpath Directory

    If you put each directory on the it classpath, it theoretically corresponds to the root of that qualified namespace. The classes were shown to be in the directory under this root by matching the full name against the path name. So, for example, if "/usr/local/acme/classes" is usually a classpath, then the JVM looks for a classification withcom.acme.example.Foon with a reference to "a.class" with the following path name:

    How do I fix resolve could not find or load main class error in eclipse?

    Close eclipse.Delete the metadata folder in the entire workspace.Restart Eclipse.


    If you choose to include "/usr/local/acme/classes/com/acme/example" in the classpath, the JVM will not be able to find the class.

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